2012 seems to be the year for learning to code

Posted by Peter J. Jones on

If your new year’s resolutions include learning how to write code, or if that one buddy who keeps talking about learning to program is still bugging you, this might be your lucky year.

Mike Gehard thinks you should start with the Ruby programming language so he created an outline of assignments that will put you on the right path:

Welcome to my attempt at coming up with a reproducible outline that will allow any non-programmer to become a software developer in the Ruby programming language and get a job writing web applications using the Ruby on Rails framework.

Pulkit Arora put together a similar outline last year that is much more exhaustive than Mike’s. It’s probably safe to say that Pulkit’s list is more like a software developer’s road map.

Finally, the developers behind Codecademy are at it again, this time with Code Year, a site that sends you a weekly interactive lesson designed to teach you how to program. There doesn’t seem to be much more information than that, so take the plunge and type in your email address.

Update: We’ve even gotten into the business of teaching software development.

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