Devalot: Defending the Honor of Good Code

We’re dedicated to helping experienced (and aspiring) programmers master their craft. Our goal is to promote professional, disciplined software development through well-founded scientific and engineering principles. We’re passionate about teaching developers how to create beautiful, correct, and verifiable code.

Devalot is owned and operated by pmade inc.. We are a very small team focused on helping people achieve their goal of learning to program while pushing experienced software developers even further. Our founder and senior instructor is Peter J. Jones.

Workshops and Training

Our primary method of outreach with the developer community is through software development workshops. For private, corporate training, we’ve partnered with DevelopIntelligence, the leader in personalized industry training.

From time to time our instructors speak at conferences and user group meetings. To inquire about speaking engagements please contact us directly. We also maintain an upcoming events page with details about where/when our instructors are speaking publicly.


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